Endless Fire Series

An Endless Fire of climate change chaos, catastrophe and conflict is crippling civilization. Drought and starvation are crushing billions of people around the world forcing millions of families to desert their homes to survive.  Dying is a way of life.

Society is cleaving itself into two groups:  Minervans – a small minority who follow goddess Minerva’s path to wisdom, art, schools and commerce, and Sists – the vast majority of humanity struggling to subsist and survive from day to day.

Part-time cyberwarrior Robert Goodfellow grudgingly joins intense, earnest and strong-willed Mugavus Komfort in her struggles to save humanity from itself.  Robert and Mugavus duel deadly and dangerous threats from men, machines and Artificial Intelligence robots as they race around the globe pursuing precarious peace.


“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” Albert Einstein’s warning ricochets inside Robert Goodfellow’s thoughts as he races to stop the murders of world leaders propelling the United States and Russia into war.

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A deathly disease – an unstoppable superbug epidemic – is ravaging America. Thousands have died. Millions more may die. Nobody is immune. Nobody is safe.

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Earth is hot, dry and dying. Millions are starving. Chaos and riots rage. Cyberwarrior Robert Goodfellow is in the fight of his life to save civilization. Only he can unmask and destroy the conspiracy of killers poisoning the world’s food supply to destroy society.

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Madness2MARS MADNESS (Book #4)

Life on Earth is dying. Climatic calamities are consuming country after country. Hades hot heat is boiling the seas.  Endless fires are devouring continents.

The human race is running for its life and running out of time.

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