Limos Lives


Earth is hot, dry and dying. Millions are starving. Chaos and riots rage.

“Yes, some people will die…must die…so the majority can live. It’s my plan…my hope…that many people die…starve…especially children. Victims create rage…revolution. In 1789, the French peasants only revolted and destroyed the monarchy when they were starving. Did you know that?” Clicking his tongue, Rele blinks then twitches into a sneer. “Starvation is a tool. Starvation stirs anger…action…war, and that’s what I…we want…war. War is what we’re here for!”

Cyberwarrior Robert Goodfellow is in the fight of his life to save civilization. Only he can unmask and destroy the conspiracy of killers poisoning the world’s food supply to destroy society.

Limos Lives is the third instalment of the Endless Fire series.