Mars Madness


“There they go, off to Mars, just for the ride, thinking that they will find a planet like a seer’s crystal, in which to read a miraculous future. What they’ll find, instead, is the somewhat shopworn image of themselves. Mars is a mirror, not a crystal.” – RAY BRADBURY

Life on Earth is dying. Climatic calamities are consuming country after country. Hades hot heat is boiling the seas. Endless fires are devouring continents.

The human race is running for its life and running out of time.

In the distance glows a beckoning beacon of hope for humanity. Mars.

Three teams of Earthers race to the Red planet to save the Homo Sapien species. Fourteen pioneers carry Humanity’s future in their hands. But Martian terrain is tough to tame. Soon they are struggling to save themselves. If they survive and succeed, mankind may continue. If they fail…

Mars Madness is the fourth instalment of the Endless Fire series.