Nostradamus’s Predictions For The Future

NostradamusNostradamus, was a French Apothecary who wrote a collection of prophecies that predicted the Great Fire of London, the rise of Adolph Hitler, as well as the attacks of 9/11.

Here are six of his predictions for the future that may yet still come true.

The Disappearance of Language

The disappearance of the differences between languages may occur. Nostradamus predicted that this great development may soon lead to the end of actual nations, with a “new engine” in the world.

zombiesThe Living Dead

The resurrection of the dead is also foretold. According to Nostradamus, “the buried dead shall come out of their graves.” Such a chilling prediction will terrify the living—as Hollywood has made us all terrified of the dead.

Chain Reaction

Mount Vesuvius will have a major eruption. This massive event may happen in early 2016, according to some students of Nostradamus. Meanwhile, earthquakes may occur every ten minutes or so, before the deadly lava and ash flow starts.

Old Man

Humans will, apparently, live over 200 years. With the remarkable advances in medicine that have taken place over the last one hundred years—this doesn’t seem unlikely. Not only will we live longer, but we will look younger!

Talk to the Animals

Humans will learn to communicate with all animals. The big advances in the science of telepathy and animal communication skills will enable humans to talk to the pets and farm animals, as well. Nostradamus wrote that “the hog will become brother to man.”

Goodbye, Cruel World

The entire Western world will abolish all kinds of taxes. When a large revolt takes place, taxation will be ended. This has yet to happen.

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