Level 3 Driving Automation

Self driving cars have been a regular staple of science fiction books and films, and a goal for several car manufacturers, particularly Tesla.

There are several levels attributed to the progress manufacturers strive to attain on the journey to driverless cars. At present Tesla has achieved a Level 2 with their Autopilot driver assistance software. This is where a car can keep itself in its lane, adjust speed according to the car in front, as well as make lane changes. But, a driver still needs to be present and is still required to monitor the road conditions and take control when required. Level 2 is merely the car technology assisting the driver, but not taking over from the driver.

Level 3 is the same as level 2, with the driver still present to take over if required, but where the driver is not required to monitor the road, allowing them to use the time for other things – working, reading, watching TV. Where Level 2 is technology assisting, Level 3 is human assisting. Level 4 detaches the human altogether with the vehicle in complete control, allowing the occupants to sleep should they wish.

Level 4 driving automation is still a long way off, but for the first time Mercedes-Benz has achieved a level 3 state.

“It is a very proud moment for everyone to continue this leadership and celebrate this monumental achievement as the first automotive company to be certified for Level 3 conditionally automated driving in the US market,” said Mercedes-Benz USA CEO Dimitris Psillakis.

Navada is the first state to approve the use of these Level 3 vehicles, but only up to a maximum of 40mph. It’s likely that other states will approve the vehicles too, and like a lot of technological advancements, once one company has achieved Level 3, other manufacturers will quickly attain the same improvement. Which then begs the question – how long will it be before Level 4 is achieved and the future of travel changes forever?

But, there are some who doubt that Level 4, or even a safe level 2 and 3, can truly be achieved.

Anthony Levandowski, cofounder of Google’s self-driving division, believes little progress has actually been made in the last twenty years and at a cost of $100 billion. Whilst the glorified tech demos show monitors, symbols, and geometrical shapes to show awareness of the cars surroundings, they don’t show the inconsistency, and unpredictable changes in the surroundings. You don’t have to search for long on the internet to find videos of self driving cars causing accidents and injury, and the lawsuits that follow.

Live longer. Eat Chilies.

The proverb “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is famous for all the right reasons. It is common knowledge that food is excellent for health. But while we focus on apples and bananas, we overlook a fruit that may help us live longer. Research has shown that chilies reduce health risks. 


Diet sits at the heart of discussions regarding health and fitness. No amount of workout will be sufficient unless food intake is healthy and hygienic. Among foods that nurture our bodies, chilies have to be the most overlooked one as these fiery looking fruits are incredibly beneficial for overall health, according to research. 


About 80% of adults over the age of 65 die due to natural diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, and stroke. Doctors advise to steer clear of oily foods and sugars, but it appears that chilies might help people live longer. 


A review showed that those who add chili peppers to their food for 20 years had lower chances of death by 13% compared to those who didn’t.


Here’s how it works; the peppers don’t magically make you younger. The chili peppers work on minor and various areas of your body, reducing health risks. For instance, chili peppers can help you lose weight. A significant cause of death and poor lifestyle among food lovers is obesity. Chili pepper speeds up your metabolism, allowing you to remain fit and healthy. 


Red chili peppers are also efficient body boosters. Oranges are famous for their Vitamin C provision. However, research shows that Chili peppers beat oranges in Vitamin provision. The fiery peppers are packed with Vitamin C, A, B, and E. These vitamins help protect cells in the body and prevent inflammation. 


However, there are not enough papers to back up the research; Chili peppers have also shown to fight cancer cells. The fiery pepper can kill up to 40 types of cancers such as lung cancer, liver cancer, colon and pancreatic cancer. The chemicals in peppers can stop the growth of cancer cells, according to the American Association for Cancer Research. 

Capsaicin in chili peppers is the “life saver”


The benefits of chili pepper are numerous because of a compound called capsaicin. 


Capsaicin in chili peppers has anti-microbial properties and plays a crucial role in heating up your body, and in turn preventing the fat from accumulating. 


Apart from this main compound, chili peppers are rich in potassium that plays a pivotal role in preventing heart diseases, especially when combined with folate. Both the acids help balance your blood flow, keeping your vessels relaxed. 


However, excess of everything is bad. Doctors recommend a balanced use of chili pepper as excessive intake can cause stomach problems.