Changes to Traditions – Technology at Christmas

Advances in technology have changed the way that we do most things in the world, including celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Some of these changes are obvious and others might not be as noticeable, but do limit the stresses normally surrounding the season. For most people Christmas used to be filled with non-stop running around: buying gifts, wrapping and delivering them, decorating the house, purchasing the groceries and preparing the meal. Most of our time was spent stuck in a queue in one place or another. By the time we got around to relaxing and enjoying the season, we would have to be back at work and regular life.

shutterstock_337077659The internet has changed the way we shop for everything, especially the large amount of presents that we normally buy. We can order most of them from the comfort of our living rooms, and many online companies will even help you plan your Christmas ideas from earlier in the year. Groceries are delivered directly to the house and gifts wrapped and dropped off at the click of a mouse, virtually eliminating the need to wait for long periods in lengthy lines.
Another Christmas tradition that used to be extremely hectic was the buying and mailing of cards. Most of these end up in the bin when the celebrations are over, and there is at least one person that you forget about sending to until the last minute. The internet has made it possible to send ecards, which can be personalized and saves on both paper and effort. Last minute sending is possible, and the time saved avoiding the post office lines can be spent warming up with a glass of spiced cider.

One of the best parts about decorating your house is arriving home to see the lights blinking, after following Rudolph’s bright red, nose down the street. Unfortunately, this used to be enjoyed exclusively by your neighbors, as the lights would never be blinking until you got inside and turned them on yourself. The invention of smartphones with apps that can turn on your Christmas lights, before you reach your driveway, has made it possible to actually enjoy the fruits of your decorative labor.

shutterstock_235354942For most people Christmas is a time for family, and everybody would end up crammed into grandma’s house for the majority of the season. Even though we all love sleeping on the living room floor with cousins that we only see once a year, with families now scattered across the world this is not always an option. Skype, and social media, have made it possible for us to see and celebrate with loved ones over long distances. It is a great way to feel closer to home, when we have no choice but to be far away. Partaking in the festive drinks via your laptop and seeing hundreds of Facebook photos, means that Christmas is always spent close to loved ones. Perhaps as close as you really want to be.

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