An Increase in Artificial Intelligence – Autonomous Drones

Manual labor is decreasing drastically, with artificial intelligence taking over many jobs that were previously done by humans. One of the groups that is capitalizing on this is drone technology which is now being used by companies, such as Amazon, on an ever increasing scale. There are many advantages to the use of drones, including their speed and ability to go to places where it may be difficult for humans to get to. For these reasons they now play a major part in saving lives, by transporting necessary medicine to the scenes of accidents and emergencies, as well as to areas which may previously have been inaccessible during storms and other adverse weather conditions. Another large advantage to the use of drones is the fact that they can eliminate, or significantly reduce, the need for human control in certain situations.

59d7bb_de5b8d93359949ceab3cdcd41ff6cf8b-mv2_d_4318_3192_s_4_2Technological mastermind, Airmada, has developed a storage system for drones which is capable of supporting missions without the need for human intervention. The storage box releases the drone once it has been activated, by opening up to become a launch pad facilitating its take off. Once its mission has been completed the drone will fly back, land on the launch pad and the storage box then closes up in order for the battery to be charged. All of this is done automatically without the need for a drone operator.

In its initial stages the product has been aimed at minimizing danger to members of security teams, under certain circumstances. Once an alarm has been triggered the drone will be released, responding quickly and capturing data in order to assess possible danger before security personnel access the scene. Airmada believe that the launching pad technology increases the potential for these drones to be used on international scales, not just for commercial use, but also to enhance military and widespread operations.

Due to the fact that the drone stations eliminate the need for manual labor, there are significantly less operation costs.  In addition, the storage system has been designed to protect the drone, reducing required maintenance and product damage. Overall the system focuses on both reliability and safety, both for the drone and any people which may become involved. As commercial drone use continues to develop, Airmada is confident that the use of these drones will expand becoming very popular, very quickly.

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