Solar Power – The Future Looks Bright

Researchers are constantly trying to find ways of creating more efficient natural energy sources, as this would make a positive impact worldwide. Harvesting solar energy has become easier, and this has increased its use and decreased its cost. French energy company, Engie SA, believes that the future of energy is now. The company has made significant renewable energy advancements and its head of research, technology and innovation, Theirry Lepercq, says that the age of free and quasi-infinite energy is upon us. He bases his claim on the affordability of new solar panels, and the ease with which they can be installed.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has also published a report, stating that renewable energy sources have become more efficient. It states that many of them are now able to compete with the price of fossil fuels, and are even cheaper in many cases. Large companies, as well as entire countries, have begun investing in wind and solar technology. Infrastructure for major organisations and projects now includes solar panels, that have been installed to save on energy costs.

Previously solar panel systems used cells that were only able to convert about 20% of the energy they absorbed. The development of more efficient cells has taken place, and uses a technique like photosynthesis to harvest the sun’s energy. In addition, other technological advances show where it is possible to find 100% renewable energy sources. The price reduction for renewable sources is expected to cause oil prices to decrease significantly, especially after the next decade.

With increased use of renewable energy being a part of the global plan to monitor climate change, governments are doing their part in making these changes. Many countries are working with car manufacturers to create a transportation system that lowers the use of vehicles that burn fuel. The manufacturers are making more electric vehicles, and governments have approved the installation of more charging stations. In addition to this, solar panels are also being provided at lower costs for use in homes, and many new buildings come with them pre-installed.

Energy from the sun is also being used to help power a large variety of activities around the globe. The farming industry expands regularly, and a combination of solar power and sea water has been applied to the growth of 18000 tomato plants. Desalination is the removal of salt from ocean water, and one of the world’s largest plants has been opened in Israel and runs on solar energy. The Hikari super computer system has been run by the sun during the day since August 2016, and provides the company with an energy savings of approximately 15%.

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