Tunnel Transportation – Eliminating Traffic by Travelling Underground

In response to the ever-increasing traffic problems, in large cities, Elon Musk has embarked on a mission to decrease the amount of cars on the roads at any given time. His company, The Boring Project, has created a digging machine to build a network of tunnels that can accommodate vehicular traffic. The Boring Machine, has begun to tackle the network under Los Angeles’ busy streets, in an effort to permanently fix its traffic problems. Once developed, this network can be adapted for other cities, regardless of their population or growth rate. As the size of the city increases, more tunnels can be built further down to accommodate more vehicles.

Musk came up with his idea for an underground tunnel network after realizing that it is essential for vehicular traffic to take on a 3D format, to control congestion. While other companies, such as Uber, have taken this concept and are attempting to create flying cars, Musk believes that digging under the city is a better solution. Although a viable solution, air traffic would require more regulations, be more difficult to build, and face greater obstacles, such as: weather and noise pollution. One of the main reasons why these tunnels have not been built before, is the high costs associated with their construction.

The Boring Company is creating a network of electric skates, which would accommodate the movement of vehicles, people and goods, at a fraction of the cost. This is because the diameter of each tunnel could be cut in half, as the skates would operate autonomously. This makes them safer, as well as decreases the amount of pollution as the skates produce no emissions. The network has no limit to the number of platforms that can be created. Musk has used the example of the world’s deepest mines to prove this, pointing out that they descend further than the tallest buildings in the world rise.

The tunnels that the company constructs will not be restricted to movement around the city, but also provide convenient and speedy access to other areas in the country. Rural communities would benefit from the ability to access urban areas easily, without the inconvenience of driving along major highways for long distances. Other advantages include: a weatherproof way to travel and keeping the noise experienced on street level at a minimum. The tunnels could easily be converted into a Hyperloop system by including a vacuum shell around the skates. This extended network would include elevator shafts and sleds and increase the speed travelled, to as much as 600 miles per hour.

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