Google’s Artificial Intelligence – Cementing the Bond between Man and Machine

Google’s work in artificial intelligence has resulted in a ‘new paradigm,’ which is believed to be the next step in uniting humans and machines. The company has invested greatly in research about AI development and expansion, and is aware of the potential that the technology has to change the way in which the world operates and develops. Google has already incorporated artificial intelligence in their products and services, such as Google Photos and Maps. Parent company, Alphabet, made it clear in a recent earnings call that their investment in AI capabilities will continue, as they believe that the future of technology is now based on artificial intelligence.

Alphabet’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, highlighted ways in which Google is utilizing machine learning in their products, even though the technology is still in its early stages. One of these is the new Google’s Clips camera, which is powered by artificial intelligence and uses this knowledge to decide the best time to take photos. The camera is designed to be positioned in the home, and programmed to decide when conditions are ideal for taking pictures. These photos would be hard to capture manually because of how fleeting these moments are, or a need for somebody to be behind the camera.

Pichai also mentioned the advances in Google Assistant, since the inclusion of AI technology in its design. The Assistant’s intelligence level is currently equivalent to that of the average fifth grader. The system is, however, is gaining more knowledge each day and using it to assist people in getting things done. DeepMind, Google’s artificial intelligence researcher, is the world leader in the field and is dedicated to applying the technology positively. The company’s recent advances include adding imagination to machine learning, as well as expanding the ability of artificial intelligence to accomplish real life tasks.

Google Cloud’s Chief Scientist, Fei-Fei Li, has noted that AI needs to be more human centred, which will allow for better communication between ourselves and machines. Google isn’t the only company that has recognized the benefits of artificial intelligence, and other business have started incorporating the technology in their expansion. As they embrace the changes in technology, these businesses develop the ability to thrive in a constantly expanding field.

Google’s artificial intelligence has advanced to the point that it is capable of creating more artificial intelligence, which is of better quality than human engineers can produce. The CEO stated that because of its integral part in business, these advances are being met positively. There have been concerns expressed, however, and many industry leaders have admitted that artificial intelligence has the potential to affect humans negatively including the loss of jobs and income. Pichai maintains that the world’s technological future lies with machine learning, once it can be kept under control, and Google will continue to expand and embrace its sources.

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