New Alexa Device Uses Radar to Track Your Breathing

Amazon is devising an instrument which scans your body while you sleep via radar. The company has assembled a team who are reportedly working on manufacturing a new Alexa-abled device that measures your breathing for sleep apnea symptoms with radar.

Credible sources associated with the project recently reported that this is a palm-sized device with the core objective of monitoring your breathing and sensing if there are any interruptions. In case there are, it detects that you have a sleep apnea disorder. There have been no details released by those working on the project regarding the final product’s look.

This is currently an undercover plan with the internal codename “Brahms”. It is interesting to note where the codename is derived. Johannes Brahms was a German composer who wrote a famous lullaby and was suspected of having sleep apnea in his lifetime.

Amazon’s Contributions to the Health Sector

Business Insider has further been informed that the shape of the device is apparently like a “standing hexagonal pad connected to a metal wire base”.

The goal of installing the tracker may not be limited to detecting signs of sleep apnea; Amazon could employ its AI prowess to examine various other sleeping disorders like sleepwalking or insomnia. Through its cloud technology, the tracker could have the potential to develop a wide-ranging sleep analysis system that keeps these disorders in check.

It will not be the first time Amazon integrates its machine-learning technology into the health sector. Only last year, the company introduced an affordable Halo fitness tracker that assesses your health by scanning your body and voice. Amazon Pharmacy, a well-developed prescription drug delivery service, was also introduced recently. All of this is reflective of how the company is continually making valuable contributions to the healthcare and wellness domain, improving the quality of life for people worldwide.

Company’s Future Plans

Amazon has maintained silence on ‘Brahms’ to uphold a mysterious impression surrounding its upcoming release. This was corroborated when a spokesperson of the company refused to talk about the project. Recently, a firm that Amazon launched, partnered with JPMorgan and Berkshire Hathaway called Haven Healthcare, was shut down. According to CNBC, it was a corporation that was anticipated to reduce the costs of employee healthcare.

However, there are a variety of projects which Amazon is involved in when it comes to healthcare space and is working on its execution. Despite Haven turning out to be an unsuccessful venture, Amazon will not be shying away from the healthcare area any time soon.

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