Blood of the Young

According to scientists, you can now stay younger if you transfuse blood from younger people into your body. The very first experiment on this was done in the early 1950s which is known as Parabiosis where they took two mice, a young mouse and an old mouse and paired them together by removing a part of each mouse’s skin from their sides and stitching them together so the two mice shared their blood systems. The muscles of the older mouse started becoming like the younger mouse’s muscles after about a month of the pairing. Scientists then again started researching this experiment in the early 2000s which gained a lot of interest. By 2016, this idea became so popular that an American business called Ambrosia started collecting the plasma from young blood, which was quite pricey. This organization was later shut down by the authorities as the benefits of this transfusion were not yet completely proven to work and was also a threat to the health of the young donors. Scientists are now researching to see if the blood of people of younger ages could cure some age related diseases. 

The mouse experiment worked because mice have different particles in their blood called extracellular vesicles (EV) which send instructions for to longevity protein called “Klotho” which in turn sends signals to the muscle cells. Scientists are now working to see if the same blood transfusion will be able to work on humans as well. Currently a team from the University of Pittsburgh is working on finding how effective the blood transfusion from a younger person could be. Their aim is to figure out if this transfusion will help in slowing down the aging process as well as helping to understand how muscle regeneration and its biology works. The mice experiment could also prove if a young persons blood transfusion will slow down the aging process or even possibly stop it.

This blood transfusion process could be a big risk to the lives of the young people as they have developing systems which is why scientists are also working to ensure that it is a safe practice for both parties. Some scientists are also analyzing the differences between the cells in order to find some supplements or alternatives to provide to aged people which provide similar benefits to young blood plasma. The reversing of age might also change the way people look which is also a big plus point for people who are conscious about their skin and their wrinkles. But as younger people are involved in this, it is very important to be 100% sure that this transfusion is completely safe.

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