Blocking Out The Sun

Jeff Bezos, the founder and executive chairman of Amazon is finding ways to block out the rays of the Sun. Bezos revealed that Amazon has collaborated with the National Center for Atmospheric Research and SilverLining, which is a non profit organization which researches and works in order to keep a safe climate. Amazon’s role in this research is that Amazon’s cloud infrastructure is being used to test different plans these organizations have created to see how the world will react when the Sun Rays will be blocked out. The central idea behind this “blocking the Sun out” plan is to cool the earth down if Global Warming keeps acting the way it is right now. The three organizations are intending to create thirty simulations including one where humans will artificially inject aerosols in the air in order to fade the Suns light resulting in cooling down the Earth.

The burning of fossil fuels is vastly increasing Global Warming which can result in constant high temperatures throughout the year, melting of ice, frequent flooding, more severe storms and droughts, increasing sea levels, scarcity of food, loss of species, high health risks and eventually poverty and unemployment. These are the reasons that scientists are working so hard to prevent further climate change.

Amazon providing its cloud to help with the research is a very cheap alternative to supercomputers which are usually used in these types of scientific researches. Supercomputers are not only highly expensive, but they also take a lot of time to set up and operate. Amazon’s cloud system is so strong that it can perform like a supercomputer. Performing this research is very important as it will not only identify the advantages of blocking out Sun rays, but will also determine the potential downsides the world will face when (and if) they decide to go with this plan. Disadvantages could include huge negative impacts on the agriculture sector and their crops which will be nearly impossible to control once it happens. This whole experiment is a huge risk which could put the whole world into danger, which is why thorough research and data collection is needed.

Entirely blocking out the Sun is also a very bad idea as the world will become a super cold place where the temperature will not be bearable, the oceans would freeze, photosynthesis will stop and due to the sudden drop in the temperatures, most of the living things will eventually die eventually. So, in short, life without Sunlight is impossible which is why the experiment these scientists are performing only includes dimming the Sun rays instead of blocking the whole Sun. Fading the Sun rays is the best and long lasting solution for the extreme climate change the world is experiencing right now which is causing a lot of problems, but to make sure that this is the right experiment, they need time.

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