The Anti-universe

It’s often been suggested that the possibility of a alternative universe could exist, but what about a mirror universe that has an identical twin but lives in a backward time? This may sound like something from Star Trek or Stranger Things, but the theory has recently sparked excitement.

Theories concerning the mirror universe are not recent ideas; there are actually five principal academic theories on the existence of the mirror universe.

In 2016, a study argued for the presence of a mirror universe where time runs backward. As per the theory, our universe has infinite variations where our identical twins exist with minor changes in time. 

In 2017, scientists raised the probability of another universe in response to a cold spot found in space. This spot can be described as a large area that is much more relaxed than the rest of the universe and does not conform to our cosmological models.

With recent technology and a more refined understanding of dimensions, we could be successful at discovering a mirror universe.

Physicists have applied the three fundamental symmetries in nature to the universe. According to the hypothesis, our universe’s twin travels in opposite directions with mirrored coordinates and minor differences. Furthermore, analysis has revealed that the reality of the anti-universe might also help in understanding neutrino particles.

A neutrino is a subatomic particle that resembles an electron. Neutrinos are among the universe’s most prevalent, but unfortunately, they are difficult to detect because they engage with matter in a limited way. This theory has been explained in the journal Annals of Physics.

To date, there are only hypotheses about the particles. Moreover, if we consider that we live in one half of a universe, then new types of neutrinos should also exist. Scientists have discovered six types of neutrinos that exhibit positive and negative spins, but neutrinos with reverse spin should exist for an anti-universe.

However, scientists are not ready to declare the mirror universe a real possibility yet.

According to the experts, these are positive signs for scientists attempting to work out what is going on. Additional investigations with more “access and awareness” will be needed to comprehend the phenomenon comprehensively.

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