The Future of Flight – Hypersonic Airplane Concepts

The human imagination has always been the beginning of all our achievements, and technological advancements. Once it can be visualized, then it can be realized. This extends to flight and travel technology, and Canadian inventor, Charles Bombardier, has recently released some innovative, new designs that he hopes will be developed in the future. The designs are both for commercial and military purposes, and include:

The Paradoxal

Many new plane designs are geared towards getting passengers to their destination quicker. The first of Bombardier’s concepts is a commercial hypersonic plane, The Paradoxal that could fly 550 passengers from Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia in as little as three hours. Initially, the airplane would use its two Rim-Rotor Rotary Ramjet Engines (R4E) to accelerate to three times the speed of sound, and rise to an altitude of 15 km.

In the next phase, to reach suborbital levels, the plane would be boosted to its parabolic midpoint by an injection of liquid nitrogen into the engines. At this altitude, passengers would experience a short feeling of weightlessness. They would also be able to view the earth’s curvature, and the stars, through video feed. Long Penetration Mode (LMP) Nozzles would be used to maintain the hypersonic speed, for the second half of the flight, as well as cool the engine down before landing.

The Antipod

There are several circumstances in which military planes may need to cover a large distance in a short space of time. Another of Bombardier’s concepts is a two seater military plane which can reach speeds of up to 20,000 km/h. This is half the Earth’s diameter, and ensures that any distance would be covered within an hour. The Antipod would also be equipped with LMP Nozzles to help keep it cool at the high temperatures generated by the speed, as well as cushion the plane from the shockwave that would be created by breaking the sound barrier. The plane would come to a stop by gliding along a 6000 ft runway.

The Mach 10 Skreemr

Bombardier’s final proposed concept was another commercial airplane that would be able to transport passengers at high speeds. This Mach 10 Skreemr would be propelled into the sky by a magnetic railgun, instead of taking off on a runway. This system could be run on clean energy and would, therefore, be more environmentally friendly. After propulsion, rockets built into the plane’s structure would boost the speed and start the main engines. The plane is expected to be able to reach speeds that are five times greater than the Concorde, and carry a maximum of 75 passengers per flight.

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