Vespa Electtrica – Piaggio’s Pioneer Electric Scooter

Leading Italian motorcycle designer, Piaggio, is always at the innovative forefront when it comes to two-wheeled vehicles. Putting a modern spin on their classic Vespa, a scooter that’s been one of their most popular vehicles since 1946, the company has revealed their intention to release the Vespa Electtrica in 2018. The scooter retains its original design, but will now be powered by an electric motor, and is available in chrome grey with the choice of seven different colored trims. Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly and operate silently, decreasing noise pollution in busy cities. Piaggio has announced that the Vespa Electtrica will also make driving easier and more natural.

In addition to maintaining the Vespa’s original design, the electric scooter also provides total connectivity, accessibility and customization. It is equipped with the brand’s multimedia system, which allows the scooter to be connected to and operated by a smartphone. The system can be controlled by voice commands and the app will alert the user to incoming calls and messages. The scooter has a color display screen which shows the amount of charge and range remaining. It is also equipped with four brightness levels, which adapt to a variety of lighting for the best possible display at all times.

Piaggio had announced plans to produce this scooter at the 2016 EICMA Motorcycle Show in Milan, unveiling the final version at the 2017 show. The two versions, Electtrica and Electtrica X, are expected to surpass the original Vespa’s performance. The scooters can be fully charged within four hours and the Electtrica has the ability to deliver two kilowatts of power continuously, and up to four kilowatts. Its range of 100 kilometers can be doubled by the Electtrica X, which comes equipped with a gas powered generator. The charging cable is stored in the seat compartment and can be plugged into a standard wall socket, or a vehicle charging station.

The design also boasts other features such as under seat storage, an LED light, USB socket, and a matching helmet and backpack. Although the scooter’s price has not yet been revealed, it is expected that this will be done before its release in 2018. Piaggio feels that this electric version of the Vespa has shuttled in a new era in motorcycle technology. Even though the emissions scooters produce are minimal in comparison to larger vehicles, powering the Vespa using electricity will help create less emissions and protect the planet. Recognizing the need for cleaner energy sources other motorcycle companies have released, or are planning, new electric versions of their products including motorcycle giants, Honda and Renault.

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