Energy Weapons

Previously for thousands of years, men have physically fought with men during times of war. Whether it is conquering the land, taking revenge, or initiating combat. Men have always done it physically through swords and gun power. Now things have begun to change.

The technology used to make our daily life easier, is now being used to develop weapons as well that could change the future of warfare.

Recently on a US Navy ship, a powerful laser weapon was onboard. This weapon was used to successfully take down an aerial vehicle in the Pacific Ocean. The weapon used is called The Technology Maturation Laser Weapon System Demonstrator (LWSD) MK 2 MOD 0. This weapon was created so navy ships could defend themselves against drones that come from above and to protect themselves from smaller boats.

According to several pieces of research, it has been found that there has been a rise in the market for energy weapons similar to the weapon used by the Navy all around the globe. This is because nations are looking for new and innovative ways to increase security and protect their borders from enemies that might harm them.

“With this new technology and the power it holds, the world is now redefining war conducted on water for the Navy.” This was said by a commanding officer in the US Navy. It seems that the navy prides itself on mastering such a weapon and is willing to test it out if they need to.

In comparison, the UK is also working on a similar weapon. They are working on a 50 kilowatt laser system which they plan on calling Dragon Fire. This system will be used in their maritime and land forces against missiles and other enemy weaponry. It will help strengthen their nation’s borders and keep their enemies at bay.

Russia, China, Iran, and Turkey are just a few names that too are working on energy weapons.

It is said that this spike in energy weapons is not sudden or recent. Rather the US has been working on it since the 1960s. However, the US Navy believes that this test was different. This was conducted with a high power laser and could be used as a future way of creating more energy weapons on a similar design.

The US air force is also working on new weapons just like the Navy is. They believe that the threat from drone attacks is a serious concern and a surge in drone technology has increased the likelihood of an attack.

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