Invisible Man

Researchers have been using gene hacking for the past couple of years for research and to achieve various goals. One of the things they have used gene backing for is to create an invisible man. By manipulating human genes, scientists and researchers could give humans the ability to be invisible or to camouflage just like a squid can.

This is done by using a protein that is only found in squids called reflectin. This protein enables the squid to camouflage or turn transparent when hunting or in danger. The protein scatters the light coming onto the squid in a way that it depicts transparency or iridescence.

Not only does this new gene hacking trick amuse people and excite them, but also gives way to genetic mutation and a variety of different ways of gene hacking, and with this we could make a significant impact on the human body, the way we live our life, and our life expectancy.

Researchers were able to integrate the protein into a human gene enabling it to take on the same characteristics as the squid. Researchers found that with the help of quantitative phase microscopy, they were able to find out that the protein structures had a different optical characteristic when fused with human cells. This in other ways is saying that the protein worked and was able to mimic the function it performs in the squid within a human cell too.

Even though we would love to see the invisible men originate soon, the research being conducted isn’t strictly for that purpose. Rather, it is to identify through the process of gene hacking, new light-reflecting materials that can help us. Scientists believe that their research can make way for new materials to come onto the market which could use similar properties to what a squid would use through gene hacking. Maybe something similar to Harry Potter’s cloak?

They also believe that their research opens doors to other possibilities and further progression into microbiology and genetics. People could mimic their results with gene hacking and come up with other beneficial outcomes.

When we think about the future possibilities gene hacking could have, the possibilities are endless. We could potentially hack cancer genes and introduce molecules that could eradicate them forever. We could change genetic disorders and help those with them. We could even work on the specific protein to create a truly invisible man. With the progression of time and technology anything might be possible by altering a human’s DNA.

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