James Webb Telescope

The James Webb Telescope is finally heading towards completion after countless modifications and cost overruns. It may be ready as early as 2021 to conquer its slated space in the light of the night sky. Rigorous testing of all aspects relating to the telescope, ranging from the software to integrated circuits, will ensure flawless working that will make it outshine all prior telescopes. The James Webb Telescope with its powerful dynamics and grand structure will be way above the league of the infamous Hubble Space Telescope. This telescope will be the model for future space telescopes, providing us with new insights into space.

The James Webb Telescope incorporates various avant-garde technologies, but the most notable among them is the primary mirror of the telescope that is crafted in extremely light weight beryllium in 18 segments that take their shape once launched. Weakening the heat from the sun by a high percentage, the five layered sun shield does its job brilliantly as well. The detectors incorporated in the camera and spectrometers, enable the recording of even the most imperceptible signals making it easy to decipher them. The innovation of the telescope will even allow the monitoring of hundreds of objects at the same time.

The James Webb Telescope will serve as a time machine to study the early universe, ranging from the formation of galaxies to the development of the solar systems. Providing astronomers all around the world with a better understanding of the creation of galaxies, the telescope will prove as the perfect observatory of its time. The telescope will also be able to provide information about the environment of the extrasolar planets and will look into the possibility of life in other parts of the universe by examining the chemical properties on those planets.

The aspiration for a vast infrared space telescope goes back decades. Its release will enable astronomers to delve into the hidden realm and help to understand the universe in a much better way. Replacing the Hubble Space Telescope that has long served its time, the James Webb telescope is highly anticipated  because of its vision to uncover some of the unresolved mysteries of the universe with answers that could never be deciphered earlier.

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