Progress with Anti-Gravity Tech

Everyone must have heard the tales of secret technologies created by the USA, Russia, and various other global agencies. For instance, anti-gravity technology has always been mentioned multiple times by the great scientists of NASA and DARPA, especially during the discussions about UFOs.

However, the serious investigation and discussion into such technology has so far been elusive to leading scientists, or at least, was until November 2020. It was the beginning of an evolution that brought the leading scientists from NASA, DARPA, and Harvard on a single platform through the Zoom app, in an open discussion about anti-gravity tech. 

Anti-gravity discussion – Is it a Taboo?

On 10 November 2020, and nearly a year into the covid-19 pandemic, Google meetings, and Zoom calls had become commonplace. However, the scheduled conference was confidential, and the individuals were anything but ordinary.

Far from the myriad of online meetings held since last summer, the introductory Alternative Propulsion Energy Conference (APEC) was created to provide scientists an opportunity to discuss anti-gravity by using alternative ideas besides mainstream science. Undoubtedly, theoretical physics is respectable, but the conference was steering towards engineering, which ultimately leads to new experimental methods, all with a mutual goal of trying to comprehend and hopefully understand the most significant force in our universe, gravity.

According to The Debrief’s reports, the experts have attended almost 22 virtual meetings to discuss Non-Newtonian Propulsion, and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

Avoiding conflicts:

During an interview, conference organizer Tim Ventura notified The Debrief about the convergence of the Alt Propulsion community, and how they’ve collided between the theories of aerospace, defense, electrical engineering, UFOs, physics, and the frontier science cultures.

Tim further stated that they’re acquiring residents from all of these cultures who attend the conferences, regardless of having different beliefs from others on certain topics; they avoid providing room for any conflict.

According to The Debrief, despite the unusual subject, 16 out of 71 witnesses at the November conference were current or prior NASA scientists and engineers, while the others were associated with well-known institutions including, MIT and Harvard.

UFOs in the spotlight:

The subject of UFOs created a pivotal pop-culture revival this year, with military pilots discussing their. Previously, every scientist was aware of UFO reorts, but due to the lack of acknowledgment, they weren’t utterly relevant. With that said, the scientific community is now examining the subject more seriously than ever.

Regardless of their exceptional efforts, gravity remains unbeaten.

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