E-Bike Game Changer

The dramatic increase in the sales of electric powered bikes is a clear sign that in the upcoming decade, E-bikes could crush the sales of e-cars by becoming the highest-selling electrical vehicle. According to a recent report from the New York Times, over half a million e-bikes were purchased in America during 2020, however during the same period, only 231,000 e-cars were purchased.

The sales of electric bikes in recent years has dramatically changed and increased, even though they were considered elite for years. As per New York Times, the boom in sales happened during the pandemic from 2019 to 2020. It is now believed that the number of e-bicycles on the streets will dominate other electric vehicles within the next year. Due to improvements in lithium-ion batteries, pricing, and new technology, many popular metropolitan cities like Chicago, and New York have started incorporating e-bikes into their public transport infrastructure.

The additional number of bike trips each year means fewer vehicle trips and lower emissions, which translates into a decrease in traffic congestion and improved air quality. In Britain, the government is offering tax breaks for e-bikes and supports local endeavors to extend bike paths and lanes. A study by Mintel found that the e-bike market in the UK saw a 70% jump with 170,000 sold in 2020.

E-Bikes are eco-friendly, compact, and help keep you in shape. At the point when a person runs out of breath, they can change to the electric mode and let the battery do all the difficult work. Moreover, they are also incredible for making rough terrain trips for individuals who might not otherwise be able to transport up a mountain passes or across an extensive or harsh landscape. In contrast to electric cars that need special charging stations, e-bikes can be recharged anywhere with a plug.

In Europe, the number of e-bikes sold annually could increase from 3.7 million in 2019 to 17 million by 2030, based on recent forecasts. A Forbes article recommends that twice as many bikes as e-cars will be registered each year in the European Union if those forecasts prove accurate. Even though e-bikes don’t have the range and speed of e-cars, they have several other advantages including lower costs, free parking, and faster urban commutes. These are the reasons why sales of e-bikes have boomed in recent years.

In many cities, the governments are striving hard to create a safe and comfortable cycling environment for bikers by providing them with good and secure infrastructure. This will give a sense of security to riders and help them commute much quicker than before. All of these factors have increased the demand for e-bikes and many people from different cities are keen to make the switch.

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