The Doomsday Glacier

Another day, another fossil fuel induced problem. Bill Nye, famously known as “Bill Nye The Science guy” is a mechanical engineer, science communicator, and television presenter, says that the high amounts of burning of fossil fuels is going to result in all of South Florida sinking below sea level. Bill Nye said that if the world keeps burning fossil fuels at the same frequency as right now, the glacier from Antarctica will completely melt within five years resulting in South Florida sinking. The ocean may rise half a meter above its normal level. This will all happen as the global temperature increases as a result of the burning of fossil fuels causing the glaciers to melt.

Studies say that if all fossil fuels are burned, then all of the ice in Antarctica will melt resulting in a huge disaster. Some of the most prominent signs of global warming include the increase in ocean temperature, increase in air temperature, the sea levels increasing, reduced snow fall, and high increased humidity. 

One of the many reasons for global warming is also due to the cutting down of trees and forests which is increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, trapping heat and gas. Due to the vast change in the climate, scientists believe that many areas of the Earth will not be able to sustain life and between 2030-2050, life on earth could be extinct. This supports Bill Nye’s claim that the world (and South Florida) will drown in the water coming from melted glaciers increasing the sea levels throughout the world and causing extreme floods. The heavy moisture in the air and higher sea surface temperatures also cause extreme hurricanes and tropical storms. 

While some scientists say that the world will end in 2100 and some believe it will end somewhere in between 2030 to 2050, at the moment Bill Nye is mainly concerned about South Florida’s current situation which he believes will get worse within the next five years. The only solution to this disastrous problem is to reduce the usage of fossil fuels or completely omit it altogether and instead use renewable energy resources including energy from sunlight, wind, rain, waves, and geothermal heat. By using renewable energy resources, the production of carbon dioxide will decrease and reduce the heat trapped beneath the outer Earth gasses. When carbon pollution is minimized, the process of global warming will slow down resulting in less glacial melt and stabilized sea levels.

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